By the Statute of Vagabonds under King Edward VI, vagabonds and Gypsies were ordered to be branded with a large V on the breast, and brawlers with F for "fraymaker"; slaves who ran away were branded with S on the cheek or forehead. It involved tying a stick into a woman's hair and twisting it tighter and tighter. The museum descriptions and some recent sources assert that the devices were used either as a gag, to prevent people from speaking, or as an instrument of torture. The boards were then locked together to secure the captive. It shows photographs of the 10 men who have been executed at the jail since , a year after the state restored the death penalty.
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Horrible Torture Methods That Have Been Used Primarily on Women

Death, when it eventually occurred, was probably due to a combination of dehydration, starvation and septic shock. As for so many forms of torture, the Inquisition found new variations. The device was rarely, if ever, cleaned. Once the branks was placed on the 'gossip's' head, they would be led through town to show that they had been doing something wrong or scolding too often. Research into the history of the chastity belt suggests that they were not used rarely before the 16th century. The woman partaking in the play lays down on the "horse" face-forward with her arms and legs dangling below, exposing her rear. In July he was arrested and executed in the same fashion as those whom he had condemned.
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Brutal Medieval Torture Videos - Free Porn Videos

This law was repealed in England in But afterward, at the third charge, perceiving these measures of water to be inflicted upon me as tortures, O strangling tortures! It was an iron muzzle or cage for the head with an iron curb-plate projecting into the mouth and pressing down on top of the tongue. Sometimes a stick used to tighten the garrote like a tourniquet. In the 18th century, cold branding or branding with cold irons became the mode of inflicting the punishment on prisoners of higher rank. Phalaris liked the idea of the Brazen Bull, and had one made made. It appeared to us at first sight that, despite the silken robe adorning her, she wore some kind of breastplate which, on closer examination, was seen to be stuck full of extremely sharp, narrow knife-blades, the points being directed towards the spectator.
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Mastectomy was one of them. Dominicans gained a reputation as the most fearsomely innovative torturers. The inside of the cavity in question is irremediably mutilated, nearly always fatally so. The Inquisition originated in late medieval France and was used in Spain to maintain religious purity during the reconquest of the Spanish Peninsula over the Islamic Moors. People used many kinds of tests to determine whether a woman was a witch.
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